Sell your products without paid marketing || PRO tips.

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In this COVID-19 time, they were many changes which may tech some importance of online marketing
Marketing is can give you sell or you haven’t found any profit from it. Marketing is executed in two ways.
2.paid marketing

1.organic it means, suppose you have uploaded a post and after 24 hours you see the number of 1,000+ people reach it and click only 500+ people on it but at this moment it will be effective and get 100k shares,200k comments and more.

How to understand this is organic?

  • try to analyze that, they have any paid boost or share? If it NO then it paid marketing.
  • try to find out your audience
  • set a strategy on your business
  • It may viral your content any time without any cost
    2.paid marketing means that, If you give some cost for gaining 1k reach and 1k comment it is the paid.
    How to work it?
  • suppose you need 1k comments in 24 hours but you have 200 audiences on your FB/IG page.they have few options to reach out to what you need.
    Google Marketing and social media marketing is effective for any category.
    In Facebook paid marketing:
    We are getting 3 option
    1.Facebook page marketing
    2.Facebook post-marketing
    3.Facebook messenger marketing

Paid is paid. So it will help to get fast selling your products within a short time but as an entrepreneur is not possible to pay every post for boosting purpose
.If we see the analysis of world growth economy report that,
If A simple businessman wants to stay in economic growth he needs a website/ FB page/ IG to solve this crisis.
How to sell your products on Facebook?
It is very easy to question and effective for all the kind of entrepreneurs.
There is 2 option for selling your service/ products.
1.Facebook page
2.Facebook group

A. Facebook page :

  • they have some templates on categories based.
    You can choose shopping templates for your page.

Five extra tips :
1.ensure modern logo / minimal logo
2.set a responsive cover
3.try to make some FAQ for gaining potential customers.
4.made an automated message to ensure the business page.
5.and the last one set a story for representing your brand/ products.
B.facebook group:

  • it an effective way of selling your products to any kind of person in your community.
    Golden tips:
    1.set a responsive cover
    2.must be set a small meta description.
    N.B: you can’t show your product’s without if he/she don’t have membership in your group
    PRO tips: trying to make a business page and set a community to sell your product at 100x speed.
    Get a pro-business page from your smart team.

How to sell your products by Instagram?

  • trying to make a strong profile and ensure the meta text.

Here some tricks to make a PRO profile
1.keep minimal your profile image
2.set keyword-based content at your meta description
3.use hashtag on your keyword
If you do this smartly, hope you will get the best result.

Paid will be the best but trying to set your strategy, target, and find out your audience from category. We are available for any kind of business consultation to grow your businesses.

Stay home
Stay safe

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