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(The one year journey of Zovo Team Ltd.)

Zovo Team is one of the fastest-growing companies that has been built by the experts of 100+ companies worldwide. At the beginning of Zovoteam, it was launched as an agency. We had the mindset that we would work for establishing several companies and with success we would be able to achieve a good reputation in this field. But then we decide to launch Zovoteam as a new startup. Maintaining professionalism, we rearrange our startup for upcoming Entrepreneurs. Actually, Zovo Team is a startup that works to build new startups with determination. In fact, we have completed 800+ projects in 10+ countries within 1 year.

The journey of Zovo team Ltd starts from 15 November 2019 at Dhaka,Bangladesh.In 2019, we have taken some Graphic Designer and web experts for it. We were working as an agency. After 2 months, our team members decided to work for entrepreneurs who had not that much good idea about business information, manpower, business plan, analysis on his industry, and were seeking for things which he /she couldn’t figure out easily without taking any help from experts. Our certified and skilled team members made a plan who were already the pro players in his/her industry. We found out why a startup doesn’t expand like worldclass? Why don’t people set goals before entering the e-commerce industry? Why are people trying to copy the style of another company? Why he/she won’t care about the business analysis? … as huge similar questions made up our mind in this short time. After a lot of analysis and research, we run free consultation for our new entrepreneurs who haven’t any idea/concept or haven’t any business goals to gain his/her success.By free consultation, We trying to explain the whole analysis of his/her industry and give an effective solution to boost up his business too easily. 


How do we give this free consultation? 

We have the most skilled team members who have worked in many industries as an adviser.  Our Consultation system is like SWOT. We are trying to find you the strength of your current and upcoming work, reach out to your business weakness and try to represent the upcoming opportunity and also the threats. In one year, we have been consulted, 500+ clients and trying to provide the best solution for business 


Where do we work? 

We have been working in 10+ countries as an agency. Our team worked in Bangladesh, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Finland, Malaysia, China, the Netherlands, and Azerbaijan. As early, we have been featured as the top 4 entrepreneurs in Bangladesh by Apollo Company. This is very big news for all of the team members who had been working hard for the startup. After a few months, our team member featured as the top 3 marketing agency, top 6 Branding Agency by Clutch Company. So, this is an amazing achievement for Zovo team Ltd and our valuable clients who always support us.


We hope we will work more for our upcoming and present startup who want to boost up business by our super expert’s team.


What We Doing Currently!

15 November 2019 Start The Journey of Zovo Team Ltd
one Category with 2 team member

Graphic Design

15 January 2020 60 Days
Revenue and clients rate

Completed 10+ project 

15 March 2020 120 Days
Revenue and clients rate

Completed  30+ Projects 

15 May 2020 180 Days

We featured top 4 entrepreneurs at Apollo company

15 July 2020 240 days
Start work for New entrepreneurs

Build 1st 5 Company at Bangladesh by our experts

15 September 2020 300 days

Our team featured as top 3 Marketing agency and Top 6 Branding agency in Bangladesh by Clutch Company

15 November 2020 365 Days and 1st year
Worked on Startup

Completed 800+ projects, Earned 27k+ USD , Build 100+ new startup company in worldwide.

Entrepreneur of BD

Build 30+ companies ,Completed 200+ projects

Entrepreneur of AU

Build 20+ companies, Completed 100+ projects

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What's next?

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Stay with us for update! 😊


Zovo Team Ltd.

We are a team of dedicated creatives with expertise in copywriting, digital marketing, graphic design, UI/UX design, SEO, Web/APP development, etc to grow up your business potentially..



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