Helming ZovoTeam as Founder & CEO, Mahamud Hasan Guides and Inculcates the Businesses Best to Achieve Success: GoodFirms

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How Business Consultation and Mentorship can take your business to the next level of success is nothing less than what ZovoTeam offers to its clients. Read the entire success story of the company in the words of Mahamud Hasan, the Founder, and CEO of ZovoTeam.com.

As a rising digital entrepreneur, Mahamud Hasan collaborated with their team in 2018 to help businesses, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startup companies to establish their identity in the digital world. A Graphic Designer of that era had now led the foundation of a world-class and leading business development brand in Bangladesh when he thought big and dreamt hugely. This is how ZovoTeam came into existence officially in 2019.

In the GoodFirms interview, Hasan discussed in detail about how ZovoTeam has formed and how he has taken it to heights making it the top IT services in Bangladesh.

Hasan starts the interview by sharing about his life-changing journey with ZovoTeam. He said that he was searching for a good opportunity in the digital business industry when he founded the company. At that time, he felt that there was no team in Bangladesh to connect freelancers and the clients across the globe for some amazing and growing projects and commitments. 

Hasan shared that since the company started in 2019, they have been trying to improve more and more and eventually added many services like Content Writing, Website Development, Branding etc., to provide a complete digital package to their clients. Soon they created the company’s business promotion page on various social sites and started implementing client’s growth related services to move to another stage. 

Hasan affirmed that they had rearranged their work teams as per the needs and requirements of their clients and the team always tries to find solutions to help entrepreneurs and businesses when asked about their advice, and consultation. He shared that he himself looks after all of the sections of their team related to Business Development, Consultation, Mentorship, etc. 

Hasan cleared that they do all the initial research about their client company, platform research, and competitor analysis for them without charging a single penny and then responsibly select the appropriate business model to ensure their strong digital presence. 

Regarding the company’s business model, Hasan says that they maintain a B2B, B2C, and subscription model to meet their client’s demands. The team members of the company work from different locations in Bangladesh, and the company is also focused into job placement to ensure their good career. 

Hasan regards ZovoTeam as a different and unique firm for its clients due to having 5+ years of industry experience. They have strong communication with all types of entrepreneurs connected to them and include a fast problem-solving approach. As he shared, the main targeted industries by the company include B2B businesses, startups, edtech, e-commerce and f-commerce companies. He claims that ZovoTeam has successfully served more than 3.8K clients across the globe and they are proud to have 89% of repeated clients.

Some of the major services offered by the company are:

  1. Brand.zovoteam.com: It is a social media e-commerce and f-commerce solution to help businesses automate in a single day.
  2. Zovogeeks.com: It is a dedicated f-commerce expert focusing on business development.
  3. Zovoteam.com: It provides expert solutions for any kind of Digital business.
  4. Help.com.de: It is a dedicated support portal for entrepreneurs. 

As per company data, the last 3 year’s report depict that 98% of the customers are fully satisfied with the support, services, and consultation provided by the company. Client feedback is always welcomed in the company. New help desk portal is there 24/7/365 for all kinds of clients’ needs. Dedicated call, messenger, SMS, email, Zoom meeting, and live chat support systems are always there to support all levels of assistance whenever needed. Hence, the company is recognized as well as appreciated by one of the leading review and rating firms – GoodFirms and listed as a promising business management consulting firm in Bangladesh. A client review displayed below shows the best about why ZovoTeam is popular among its clients and gradually spreading its range of services to meet growing customer demands.

Regarding the payment structure of the company, ZovoTeam charged a fixed monthly payment system for their services in addition to the monthly/annual subscription payment system. For all platform or service based projects, the minimum payment is charged from 1.5$ to 600k$. The company achieved minimum 100$ and maximum 150k$ of B2b projects in 2021.

Hasan concludes the interview in an optimistic way towards the growth of the company in near future. In his words, “My dream, our dream, is to be one of the iconic and fastest development teams of the Asia region by contributing to so many industries for development purposes. Also after 2023, we will try to focus on an established business revenue model for ensuring our team member’s flexible career.”

The detailed interview can be read at the company’s profile page on GoodFirms.

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Prepared by Anna Stark, a Content Writer at GoodFirms, who bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role lingers to form every company’s achievement and critical attributes into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and equips new approaches that work, always with concepts.

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