5 step to make a strong brand identity

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What’s the brand identity?  Brand identity is an important element which makes a unique identity from another company/service / work. Here the five most important step for make an unique identity 

from pixels.com

1.unique name




And  5.target marketing 

How to find out a unique name?

– An unique name is your 1st brand identity part. It will help to remind you of your brand name/service. Suppose, ‘A’ is a brand that provides t-shirts and clothes.  You know t-shirt, clothes, and fashion is the main keyword.  Now set your brand name from your main keyword. For example, ZOVO Team ( there are 2 parts) ZOVO – is an Unknown word which you may not have heard before. If you just read ZOVO. Just thinking what’s is the zovo? What are the services of zovo? How do they work? Where it?  This is the uniqueness.  Now, If you read  ZOVO with a team and you will think that maybe it is a team or a company.  Our main keyword is team/ group / company/ Corporation. That’s why we used one unique name and one similar name to make a unique identity. 

(Get free business consultant from Expert)  So.find out your main keyword and apply this rules 

( unique word/ unique name + smiler name/ word) Some brand which used this rules

-ZOVO + team ( zovoteam)

– yb + Cloths( ybcloths)

– Nin+ fashion ( ninfashion)

– Ah+ shopper (ahshopper)

– face + book ( Facebook)

– whats + app ( whatsapp)

– micro+ software ( microsoft)

– pe+ psi ( pepsi)

– american + express ( Americanexpress)

– e-commerce + bay( ebay) 


How to choose the best Color for your brand?

– color is the most important for applying theory-based color for your company.  If your company provides security/technology / its services then you can choose – BLUE 

from pixels.com

Here some color meaning :

1.RED  – bold,fire,strong,war,Danger, power 

2.BLUE  – Trust, royalty, wisdom,confidence, best

3.GREEN – nature, renewable, safety, fresh,Organic 

4.YELLOW – happiness, optimism, Creative, delightful  So, before selecting a brand color you must be knowing the meaning of each color .Color is your main identity and message for your customer.  How to work an identity like a message? 

– If you made a unique brand name and a unique color from theory based then you can try to give your audience a message. 

How to send a brand message? 

from pixels.com

Is not an electronics/ paper  message which you can send by mail/ messenger. 

Here are a few MORE steps for making an identity to provide your brand message. 

1.If your brand works on security / Trust / technology Related services then never use e-commerce / Fashion/ Corporation messages for it.

3.As well as, security/ Trust  is the best industry for gaining client satisfaction by their services.

4.When you will use a normal Facebook post/ website blog you should maintain security Related contents on your text/ design.

5.trying to make brand awareness and never tell YOUR customer for use/ buying YOUR products and also trying to give a message for realize that your brand works for your customer happiness, they can feel like a friend. 

So, use this rules for Every brand Related work. 

If you need  the best brand identity for your present and upcoming brand you can contact your zovo team .

How to find out your audience? 

If your company provides children Related items then your audience is children’s mother/ father. 

Here some framework for identifying YOUR customer.

from pixels.com




And trying to Focus Market demand. 

Which is your brand identity? 

– logo

– color

– social media cover

– brand pattern 

– print items are your brand identity 

Get a PRO brand identity  from your experts team member. 

How to work a brand identity for Find out audience? 

– If you choose simple elements / simple logo/ simple design / simple color but your audience is children’s then is not good for your brand. Because,children like to see colourful text/ design and cartoon characters. So,be careful on selecting a logo/ text/ color for your company. 

How to set target marketing by brand elements? 

If you made a unique brand name, color,message, audience then it will be work automated by them. 

Inclusion :

Brand  Identity is an important element for your company whatever start-up or big company.  Thanks for your valuable time. Share your opinion at any time. Zovo team means – Your  Smart team. So call us for any kind of help /support.  Stay home and safe from COVID-19. Be with us for any kind of business-related solution. 

Feel free to contact us from any country Contact now: Call: +880 1735791592 Facebook: www.facebook.com/Zovoteam.com Mail: [email protected] Send a message by WhatsApp: +880 1735791592 

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